Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A World Where Youth Hold the Power: Argument

     The Youth in Action documentary along with the article written by Adeola Oredola called In a World Where Youth Hold the Power both contain similar themes. Their main argument corresponds with the idea that young people have the ability to make positive changes in their communities. They can become influential leaders with the proper supports. However, sometimes they are overlooked by adults and are stereotyped as unknowledgeable due to their age. This stigma makes it impossible for people to see the abilities and strengths that youth possess. If given the opportunity, you will be amazed to find out how much of a difference youth can really make.

     Both the video and article bring a refreshing perspective into our future. I think it’s important that we utilize our youth in ways that will help to strengthen the community. When you think about it, the youth are our future. We should consider them an asset in creating change, rather than push them aside until society thinks they are “old enough” to participate. These social constructions only divide us as a nation, when partnerships like YIA work to bring us together.

     I hope to see more organizations like YIA in our future. Though schools do their best in trying to mold students to become well-rounded individuals and productive members of society, I believe that there are better ways that schools can try to reach this goal. They should utilize some of the techniques that YIA uses such as more leadership opportunities. What better way to learn how to become a productive member of society than actually being one.

Adeola Oredola:

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