Friday, September 20, 2013

Why do we blog?
Blogging is a way to connect to those we know as well as to those that we do not. It is a way for us to express ourselves and our opinions. Also, we can learn a lot through blogging in a way that is familiar to us in this day and age. We can learn from others as well as from ourselves. Why should we encourage youth to blog?
We should encourage youth to blog in order to get them comfortable with technology. It is a way that they can express themselves if they are shy and uncomfortable speaking in front of others. Also, it can be used as a learning tool in order to expand their ideas and knowledge base. Beyond that, it is a way for youth to market themselves to outside audiences. This can be helpful when looking for a future career.

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  1. The picture you posted at the top of my blog really struck me -- how does writing serve as a type of "therapy" or way of working out ideas, conflicts, and beliefs about the world? As a teenager, I kept a diary, but it was private and so the process of writing things down in a place where I could go read about my thinking at a later date was a private affair (and very helpful to me at times). I wonder how having a larger blog-o-sphere available to comment and think with me might have added another dimension to my journaling?